Tofo, Version 2018


Because the truth is to be told, I did not enjoy my recent stay in Inhambane. So that the reasons are not forgotten:

– the weather left much to be desired;
– I was not well treated or loved (neither then nor now).

These causes are a simplification of many things that have happened. He broke the chain and shows the usual inability to repair it. In his manual, what comes next is a separation followed by the false idea of forgiveness and restart. From so much use, the page is unreadable. It has no answers. And so I am in the position of giving what he likes to give in terms of feelings: little or nothing.

What matters is that I was am not happy. I feel strong and well, because the beach always leaves me like this. Otherwise, I just try to forget and go on…


Best of 2017


Knowledge and Learning
In a previous life I was married. My children and I were the main thing in my husband’s mind. I think that’s the norm, even in marriages where relationships are not perfect.

Now I’m fourth or even fifth place. I am second to smoking, relatives, friends and professional activity. I knew it almost from the start. The best of 2017 was to discover why. Mental blindness is not my cup of tea. I will have to assimilate the reality or give up.



There is an ongoing debate on whether there is Autumn or not. This is because things are a little different here. Before the cold season there is a fantastic period that reminds us of Spring. Such period does not give rise to summer and corresponds to the months of March, April and May.

Now that it should be the end of spring because Summer is beginning, we have what resembles Autumn. This morning I opened one of the windows of our house and exclaimed, “It’s Autumn!” It was not for less. The roofs are covered with dry leaves, as you can see in the photo I took. I’m sure there is Spring and Autumn, but they happen in a different sequence and mood.

Best of October and November 2017


New Road
It’s exciting to navigate a new road that represents completely new prospects. The road to Ponta do Ouro is almost complete and is already changing a lot in our routines. A week ago, for example, we crossed to South Africa through the border of Ponta do Ouro.

On my return I found myself thinking that few roads in the world make me as excited as this. It’s that it connects the city where I live to one of the best seaside resorts in the area. The importance of the roads varies with our own interests…



I do not like to consider myself a quitter, but I have to agree that I quit dance very easily. Today I woke up with the word “quitter” in mind. Maybe I reminded my contemporary dance teacher’s disapproving face the last time I saw him.

What is the behavior of someone who does not want to feel guilty? Usually he or she makes excuses. That’s what I did. Before getting up, I had two good excuses in mind: my tired legs and my honeymoon. I think I’m the kind of people with “honeymoons” that last for tens of years. What about that as an excuse?

On the subject of honeymoon, this week I was in a wedding. It had sea and blue sky. It had violins. It had a banquet hall with candelabra. All very beautiful, but I still consider myself luckier to wake up every morning next to someone I like.