Tales From the Sea

Of so many aspects interesting me in life, I have chosen the subject of the sea for this blog. It wasn’t a difficult choice since I received promises of support from seven divers.

As I write these first words the only thing coming to me are two lines by a Portuguese poetess, which I recite here by heart: “Quando eu morrer hei-de voltar/ Para viver os momentos vividos longe do mar”. (I shall return when I die/ To live the moments lived far from the sea.) These words by Sophia de Mello Breyner Anderson always had a special meaning to me. This space will show how much the sea is present in our lives: mine, my family’s and seven of my favorite divers.

Paul, Ti, Andy, JP, Jo, Vic and NB started to dive for fun and now some of them are professional divers. Basically, I expect to write about my “seven divers” but other people will appear here. We have been living in the beautiful and suffering continent of Africa. Blogging about our experiences and adventures is a good way of remembering all the unforgettable moments spent here.

Since hunters and fisherman are famous for exaggerating their accounts, I expect to illustrate the facts I write about whenever possible. I hope to amuse myself and a few others along the way, giving you an idea of our ways in this town leaned over a bay.

Above all, the eight of us have a quest: for quite sometime we have been dreaming and planning an underwater treasure expedition, a legal adventure. Even though I cannot say a lot on this matter, I intend to post about it from time to time. Blogging shall only stop if “esperança” (hope) dies or when the quest is accomplished.