Swimming with Rays

We used to go to a place called Ponta do Ouro quite often. It was one of our favorite weekend escapes before people ruined it with their noisy jetskys. Our friends owned a house there and we used it as if ours.

The boys were too small to dive and the girl was with my parents. I used to put on the weights, googles and snorkel and dive alone in the usually quite pool formed after the waves break. At that time I was trying to understand my difficulty in diving without lots of weights (for a 50Kg diver). I usually dived just a few meters down and sat very quitly on the bottom for as long as I could. The feeling of peace and silence was really wonderful, only broken by the funny noises the water makes inside one’s ears.

I presumed I was safe because it was a pool. Sometimes, depending on the tide, I would see a fish swimming near. But once I looked up and saw the most amazing scene: a group of ten rays danced in circles above me. I stood still for as long as I could, then I reached the surface with ease and without a second thought about the rays.

Only after Paul told me rays have “electrical defenses”. Well, he didn’t tell me about stingrays and I don’t know if there was any in that group. One thing is for sure: if today, I would have felt very scared.