Monday’s Blues

Though my day started moody, this was before realizing how good it was outside. Such an explosion of intense light and perfect blue! People who live or once lived in Mozambique know how it is: whatever your worries, “mother nature” sets your moods.

This time Andy and his German friends returned safe from Macaneta, the wildest beach near. They went camping to a pristine place, where “there is no sound”. I’m looking forward for his next trip to experience the “no sound” feeling myself. Tomorrow he will travel to Durban to pick up the new starter motor for the boat, out of order since June.

You can begin your day crying but you never know how it will end. Mine ended with lots of good smiles thanks to the Globe Trekker on Travel. Good job of Ian Wright and his team! They succeeded in showing the beauty of this country, approaching the reality of poverty with kindness and humour. Great images of Bazaruto, specially the dugongo and our islands: Paradise Island, the place where I dived for the first time, now with the hotel we used to stay completely destroyed due to the war; and Ilha de Moçambique, where I spent two years of my childhood. Nice soundtrack with African music too!