First Dive

If all the first dives were like mine, they surely would be a thrill. I decided to dive after a couple of hints from other divers. We were staying in one of the most beautiful places I know: Paradise Island or Santa Carolina. It was our last visit because the war in Mozambique started and without the necessary maintenance the island infrastructures were completely destroyed.

On a high point of the island, there was a cute little white church looking over a small bay. The water was so clean and blue that I decided, after some consideration, I could try a dive in that place. Easy said, easy done. The next morning, equipped with borrowed snorkel and googles, there I went into the water. It was hot and fresh at the same time, the perfect temperature. I was just snorkeling and now and then trying to dive: a major struggle because I wasn’t wearing any weights!

So I decided that the best thing to do was to stay very still looking down for not attracting fishes of any kind. I was feeling a great respect for the underwater world and I was afraid that sea inhabitants would treat me like an intruder.

Well, the result of staying still on the surface was that small and medium fish from all species and colours (most of them yellow) invaded the little bay and started to move closer and closer, to the point that the little creatures brushed against me. They would almost touch me and then, quite briskly, turn away.

What could I do? I left the water a little scared and at same time a little excited with my “adventure”. Anyway, diving alone is not a wise thing to do, even in such a peaceful bay. And this is something any professional or average trained diver should know.