Someone close to me made an opportune observation about this space: “Seabell,” she pointed out “I know that you live like this down there but for other people, used to the media image of Mozambique, you can sound snob!”

Ouch! Do I sound like a snob? Anyway, she has a point. I write about the way we live but at same point I have to show that I care, that I’m not blind when the subject is other people suffering. I shall do it in three or four posts, three of them I can already see the titles: “Salvador”, “Fear” and “Westernized”. Just because I decided to write about a specific subject, don’t you dare to think I am a tropical snob or whatever!

On the other hand, I know the sea doesn’t appeal to all as it is evident in Lewis Carroll words: “Pour some salt water over the floor/ Ugly I’m sure you’ll allow it to be/ Suppose it extended a mile or more/ THAT’S very like the SEA.” Well, I can’t please everybody so I shall stick with my sea narratives for the time being.