Best of August

The first act happened when we arrived at the marina. It was already full night. To pass the time I took pictures with my digital camera, even knowing that the light wasn’t enough.

We waited for our three guests of DC, arrived via SA. One of them works with BG. We sat by one of the windows that looked out into the bay, with the dim lights of Catembe twinkling in the distance. It was such a lovely night that I regret not to have pictures of every minute. Lots of shellfish and rosé wine! Lagosta pequena, camarão tigre, camarão médio e outros mariscos, tudo regado com rosé!

This restaurant is situated in a sort of bridge. Halfway through the meal, the weather alarm received during the afternoon proved to be true. A small fishing boat sailing near was almost swallowed by one of the waves insistently breaking against the restaurant windows.

Sometime during the evening one of the ladies present expressed her surprise at my interest on such a wide range of topics. I reminded her that this is one of the side effects of being involved with the news media.

The conversation was pleasant. Towards the end many smiles and good disposition, helped along by the rosé. I said farewell to the marina with a picture of the few lights on the edges of the bay.

A night like this, of easy conviviality between people from different countries and continents, confirms the fact that we live in a global village. That was my best evening of August.