I could easily be the writer and a character of the same book. If I could pick one role, I would like to be a dreamer. I could be a poor student, for instance, with his head full of idyllic images of lost paradises. In real life, I am also found of magical places. Around my twenties I could only think of one corner of the world: Tahiti.  More recently, I started to dream about Cancun. It was like: “Why am I not in Cancun? When can I go to Cancun? It must be really nice in Cancun!”

Meanwhile my family arrived to stay with us and we visited Inhaca, an island situated only 50 minutes by boat from where we live. I was unaware that my “Cancun dream” was perceptible to others, but when we arrived at Inhaca my sister-in-law turned to me and said with a grand gesture: “Here you have it, your Cancun!”

She had visited Cancun recently, I think she loved it but found the place “very touristy”. Her words were like a wake up call to me because they took me from the pages of a book never written and brought me back to reality. Inhaca is a paradise within our reach, where we always have a magical time.

Foi da primeira vez que vieram aqui de férias! Nesse tempo, eu tinha o sonho de visitar Cancun. Acho que vocês tinham lá estado ou estavam para ir lá. Quando chegámos à Inhaca, foste tu, S, que me chamaste a atenção para a beleza do lugar, afirmando que a Inhaca não devia nada a Cancun. Puseste um ponto final nesse sonho e desde aí comecei a ver com outros olhos esta ilha tão perto de nós! O R que fique bom depressa para voltarmos um destes dias à Inhaca!