Collecting Memories

Sunday we went back to Emmanuel’s sunny restaurant. We had a nice chat with him, followed by Gotan Project, Cuban tunes, seafood soup, prawns and house wine. I left wondering if eating a lot of fish and shellfish changes one’s drive. Despite being relatively new to blogging, Emmanuel asked me to spread this appeal:

Costa do Sol restaurant was established in 1938. The Petrakakis family launched the famous “LM prawns”, and ever since they have been operating the place with perseverance and enthusiasm. Right now Emmanuel Petrakakis is collecting stories and impressions from people who have visited Costa do Sol restaurant from 1938 on. Any of you who would like to have a say can send it to: (O restaurante Costa do Sol existe desde 1938. Foi a família Petrakakis que lançou os “LM prawns”, famosos camarões de Lourenço Marques, e desde essa altura eles estão à frente do lugar com perseverança e entusiasmo. Neste momento Emmanuel Petrakakis está a recolher histórias e impressões de pessoas que visitaram o restaurante Costa do Sol desde 1938. Quem quiser contribuir com algumas palavras pode mandá-las para:

The summer season is starting and the town is full of tourists. I left the place with the unease sensation that there was someone in the restaurant who knew me from somewhere else. Could it be the blond photographer who entered when we were ready to leave and smiled and stared at me­? Could it be someone or something else? We do know people from the Portuguese media and it seems a cartoonist exhibition is currently going on, as Emmanuel promptly remembered us pointing proudly at the words left on the wall by Portuguese Rui Pimentel.

On our way home, Paul started his favourite topic of conversation: healthy food. So we stopped to buy a beautiful pineapple at a small street fruit stall. As they do frequently here, the stall has a name: “Um txova pra mim!”, “A push for me!” or “Give me a push!” That’s right what I need at this precise moment. Afternoon is reserved for dog Will, some music from German friends and blogging. The push has to come another day!