Yesterday vs Today

My divers are on the move with new jobs and tasks. JP, Jo and a couple of South African divers went to Xai-Xai to help fixing a barge to the bottom of the sea. NB, who has been in Gulf of Mexico for the last months, is supposed to arrive in the first week of October. Vic used to be JP’s best underwater fishing companion but now he is working for a tourist operator in Malongane. During the weekend we must have a reason to celebrate since the boys promised us a ton of mussels from Xai-Xai!

As for the occasional divers: Paul is fine and Ti arrived yesterday at Joburg coming from Cape, where he had a busy schedule. I hope he reads this post and comes back soon, because right now he is the only one capable of cheering me up. Andy appeared after a long weekend, happy as a birdie because in two days he will fly 1st class to Durban, from where he is going to drive the Rover he picked for friend Ro.

I had to seat for a while with Andy’s friend KK in order to understand what happened to our computer. It turn out I was so nervous I made a mess with the passwords I use everyday without a single hesitation.

I have a couple of lady friends who need to cry at least twice a year. They call it therapeutical cry and explained to me this is a form to get rid of stress and worries. My life must have been a good one so far because I can’t remember the last time I cried. Though she didn’t cried for herself, “Little Bell” cried once and for all those years. She cried reading a text in a language she couldn’t almost understand. All she could feel was the deep emptiness wrapping all the things and all the words. She felt such incontrollable sympathy for the author and his fate that she simply couldn’t stop crying. Does love have to be tragic? For someone who sees it pleasant and satisfying, it’s a shock to read that such feelings exist. I really wish that one day he will find what he deserves.

Who would have said that my addicted crying friends are right! Except for loosing a couple of eyelashes, I woke up this morning feeling fresh and ready for a new start. Maybe it was Paul’s good disposition owing to the newspapers talk about a book interesting us in particular, but during our usual morning conversation I felt adventurous enough to suggest a trip to Europe. After some considerations, he accepted the possibility of going with Andy within 1 to 9 months. That means the possibility of including Germany and who knows what else!

Finally, I would like to present to family and friends (specially to my friend F) the new object of my affection!