Books I’ve Been Reading

First Kathy Reichs, actual travel and bedtime companion, kind of “punishment” for not having completed Law, in part due to forensics and other reasons I’m too lazy to explain right now.

Yesterday I finished a short story with a puzzling, disturbing end. It was the impossible love kind of narrative and it ended more or less like this:

She turned on the lights to see her face in the mirror and stepped back in disbelief. How could she glow like that? Her skin was perfect satin and her cheeks as if she had just come back from a mountain walk.

She approached the mirror and saw that she had unintentionally hurt herself almost in the center of her lower lip. She touched the spot and was relieved to see that it wasn’t painful. She pressed harder and a few drops of blood exploded from the center. She collected the drops, one by one, and she wrote with them on the mirror: “I just would like to know that I had only one shot.”

When she finished the writing, she looked again into the mirror. Even though it was impossible to read a single word, she sighted with contentment. At least the mirror had stopped reflecting the ridiculous splendor of her face. She turned off the lights and left immersed in an oblivious peace.

I’m starting today the memories of countess de Mangualde, ancestor of my close friend T. The book is particularly interesting because it follows the judgment of count de Mangualde, accused of conspiracy against the Portuguese Republic. My grandfather was a monarchist too. I think he was very close with the last Portuguese Queen and princes because he used to ride with them and it seems this is the best way to be close to royals. When the “5th of October” happened, my grandpa sought refuge in his country home, where he spent the rest of his days.

Yesterday I was leafing through the book when I came across the following quote from a former minister: “Republic doesn’t bother me. Republicans do.” and I was left thinking how true this is, because most of the systems have good and bad principles still the main aspect is always the people in charge.


This morning, as soon as I opened my eyes, I decided to reinvent myself. I have to correct a few things messing up my life, like talking with my sister again, the only person in the world who has reasons to doubt my feelings. Something good has to come out of this.