Country Flowers

Two weekends ago, when we went to Marracuene, we were greeted near the ferryboat by six children, or even more, offering flowers. Some of them were really small, five years maximum, and they could already speak a few words in English: “My offer to you!”

It was a nice gesture so I accepted the first flower, yet the little one kept begging with his hand. I had to give him a couple of meticais. The next minute more than ten children “offering” all kind of wild plants had surrounded our car.

I tried to explain to a more insistent one that if we offer a present to someone we shouldn’t expect anything in return. “Do you understand?” I asked in my best emphatic Portuguese.

He replied to me with a “yes” and only after I accepted a second flower. Well, you already know what happened: I had to give him more meticais or his little hand would never stop begging. Sometimes our best intentions are confronted by the inexorable reasoning of others.

If you are new in “welcome to Marracuene protocol”, my best advise is: do carry a reasonable amount of coins with you, or you’ll risk leaving the place empty hands in what concerns local flora!