Huge Party

A local cell company organized a Sunday party on the beach. As we live in a small town, it has been like we all decided to party all day long. I’m not complaining because JP, who had to drive from Xai-Xai after several morning dives, arrived so tired that he decided to sleep over because the party is not far from where he currently lives.

We went to neighbours and friends’ house for tea, orange cake and chat, leaving him asleep on the couch. When we returned he was preparing some photos for me, but first he explained the tasks they had to perform in Xai-Xai. I asked if he had “special” photos, and he confirmed: “We sailed near two jubart whales, mother and son for sure. And I have photos of a Xai-Xai local known as kuku bass. I think I should add him to a dating agency!” Judge for yourself, how wicked boys are!