The first time I saw Charlie Chaplin’s “Modern Times” I could not understand the reach of its message as I do today. So I ask: “Do we have to read the same books? Do we have to wear the same labels? Do we have to live in the same houses? Do we have to watch the same TV series? Do we have to do the same over and over again until someone shows us the impossible to be possible?”

Recently I finished reading José Saramago’s “A Caverna” for the second time. Here is a book which shows us that even in the worst moments of despair there’s a way out.

Westernazing Africa was it a good choice? I don’t think so. The Africa I knew as a child wasn’t perfect by any standards. There were unfairness and cruelty, still it was a beautiful place. Today’s Africa is also unfair and cruel, while most of its magical beauty is gone.

It is important to stress here that I am not questioning independence (precious independence) but imposed ways of self-determination coming from the outside.

As far as I am concerned, I think it would be possible to bring medicine, knowledge, water and soever benefits to people without concentrating them like cattle around the metropolis.

Photos by Miquidade.