I don’t like to write about sadness and I truly think that some feelings are too private to be shared. For a start, I can’t stand compassion. When I am sad I need silence and some time to settle down my mind.

Yesterday afternoon our new friend from Bairro do Triunfo arrived from Pretoria and called very excited about my small dog. It has been inoculated and we just have to wait a couple of weeks. According to him, the “small thing” has a wonderful personality and looks to be an exceptional dog. Good for me and bad for the USA breeder who wanted the same dog. Sorry but I arrived first! I guess I shall have one of the best looking Staffies in the world. For now a small consolation, today’s description helped a little.

I am leaving soon to SA where I’ll try to forget a few things still disturbing me. We shall meet Ti and drive him to Maputo, with first a stop in Nelspruit, our shopping Mecca. The fact that Ti is coming constitutes another positive note softening the last stormy days.