We used to visit Nelspruit at least twice a month. It’s a town built in the middle of nowhere, good for adventure, shopping, casino and similar facilities. Compared to Maputo, it has a lot more to offer. Nowadays we go there occasionally, due to the border situation: too crowded for our own taste.

As Paul had decided to spend the weekend in Nelspruit, we planned to leave Saturday morning but TD called three or four times changing his arrival schedule. Saturday, after lunch, he just said “Come and I’ll meet you in Nelspruit Sunday morning.” So we had to rush, leaving behind a couple of essential things like pyjamas.

We crossed a mark on the road saying “wild frontier” and from that moment on we couldn’t be surprised with road signs like “beware of hyppos”. Though I didn’t expect a lot from this escapade, nature always amazes me. Here I am humbling stating that mountains are great soul healers. Now I understand a little better why a hard working girl that I know spends, from time to time, a week up on the mountains!

But they don’t have hyppos in Nelspruit. What you can find in there is: a cozy hotel, casino, shopping mall and movies. We had a simple and nice dinner: tomato soup, a feast of rye bread, tuna salad, wine and tea for two. As we had already tickets for the movies, we separated for a while: husband went to buy a couple of magazines and I went looking for African music at a CD store where I know a Portuguese guy. Even though I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I truly had fun. As it was late and the clientele just a few, when they played a CD and one salesman started to dance, we all danced a little and shared a good moment together. The next day I went back to the store for that CD and I sure was recognized by the staff!

Later we watched a film and after that we gambled a little. We didn’t want to sleep late because next day was dedicated to “shop, shop, till you drop”, still we had the opportunity to watch the last minutes of Portuguese victory for 3-0 against Azerbaijan. Nelspruit climate is dry and chilly, that’s why I was a little worried. Anyway, who needs pyjamas when there’s a warm shawl and a comfy bed waiting for us?

To be continued…