Movie Review

When we are on holidays, even the short kind, we can start the day talking about last night movie: Lucky Number Slevin.

“If it weren’t for the rabi, this film would appeal to an eye for an eye kind of people!” said Paul also pointing to the fact that there was nothing new in technical terms, lots of close ups and the merchandize of IWC, the watches Hitler used to offer to his faithful officers, a Swiss made expensive watch still very popular in Southern Germany.

To all that I should have replied: “Maybe the movie just shows that even a bad ass have feelings. It is nice to see such satisfying and tender love portrayed.” I didn’t because sometimes what we think is a little difficult to put into words but I saw Lucky Number Slevin as a desert where two exceptional flowers grew:  the assassin’s sympathy for the child and the feelings of the grown child for a woman.

The rest of the day was about serious shopping. Later than expected, we met Ti and went shopping again. I was impressed by a Mandela quote, because lately I am particularly sensible to messages of freedom and this is a powerful one.

Even though we couldn’t escape the usual speed fine (to Paul’s despair), for the rest the return to Maputo was pleasant specially after Ti took charge of entertaining us with good music and even better conversation. We think that he looks very tired but then one of the reasons he came back here is to relax.

We found Andy entertaining friends, so we had to share our legume soup and beef lasagna for 4 with another 4.

Two important conclusions I have reached during this weekend, and I really have to write them down here:

– Don’t fight with a digital camera or it will fight back. Mine has done some terrible things during the weekend, including a short movie without my consent.

– Sooner or later I have to face my addiction to mille-feuilles.