The day JP left home I started to blog. I had two good reasons: concerns about JP’s new life and spare time for myself. JP is very demanding and I used to spend a great deal of time attending his requests. This happened in the middle of last May. While I was writing a daily post, JP proved to be capable of living by himself.

Bit by bit JP came back to us, sweet and mutterer as always. Within days he will be flying to start a new job. Yesterday, when he left, he kissed tenderly my head.  That was the first time the word “knight” crossed my mind.

As if instinctively he knew the right thing to do, Ti informed of his arrival. Andy and friends have been everywhere to be seen. I don’t even talk of other divers…

When I started this blog there was the possibility of a parallel with Snow White due to the “seven divers”, a “girl” and the word “tales”. Today I am convinced that if this space has anything to do with narratives it has to be the Knights of the Round Table. Besides being gallants, my knights are engaged in fabulous adventures and we do have a true quest to accomplish.

Good things happened since then. For instance, yesterday I had the best and worst possible moments. Monica, JP’s ex-girlfriend and his love from his 12 years to this date, stopped by and we had a nice chat. After several months apart, I talked with my sister again and we smoked the peace pipe! Ti and girlfriend came for nice Italian dinner, desert of Swiss chocolates, huge migraine and tears with compliments of girlfriend Y and a few other facts of life.

This morning I danced and my astral went up. I think I am going to adhere to a dance movement on behalf of a love story. A friend of mine said to me that she would dance with every single human being for a moment with “him”. So I am in for her cause and I already have some followers: Ti danced a little African style with me yesterday night, husband danced in the middle of a store to show me a particular step, and others have danced, even some that are very distant. Don’t be ashamed to dance for such a good cause. Dance to express your love or her love. African or other style. Dance now, where you are, or dance later. It is contagious! I danced and danced and it started to rain outside. Could I have picked the wrong track?


2 thoughts on “Knights

  1. ….a beleza da vida, está nesses pequeninos mas grandes momentos que vivemos!!!
    E entre outros milhares de motivos para sermos felizes, está o facto de independentemente de tudo que acontece à nossa volta, se quisermos, a amizade prevalece sempre!!! :)))
    beijinho grande

  2. Mónica, engraçado que nem me lembrava de ter falado de ti e agora compreendo pq te agradou este post. É bom que uma vet me leia de vez em quando, pois suspeito que dentro de dias o único assunto deste blog vai ser o meu novo cão.

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