Lost in the Ocean

Have you ever wondered where to all the water goes? I think you have, especially if you are someone used to send messages in a bottle. The answer is quite simple: it depends of various factors. However, nowadays it’s possible to know with great precision how the oceans flow.

We had a few “messages in a bottle cases” around here. The one I remember well is the case of a lost boat that crossed the Indian Ocean without a single person driving it.

It was a lobster trolley working in the Perth coastline. One day, due to bad weather, the boat become loose from its mooring and began a long trip taking it from Australia to the coast of Africa. It must have been such a solitary journey for such a small boat!

One given day some Mozambican fishermen from Xai-Xai woke up to see a strange boat on the beach. It’s worth mentioning that the entrance to Xai-Xai beach is narrow and even boats with experienced skippers face difficulties to manoeuver.

We went to see the boat at Xai-Xai and were quite surprised to see it in such good form. After a while it was removed to a marina in Maputo. It seems the owner didn’t care any longer for his courageous boat.

Even though I could tell you a few more tales about water carrying things or people to the strangest places, I shall leave it for the next opportunity.