The first house we had in Mozambique was in a place called Miradouro, perhaps one of the most sought places to live. The reason for this is simple: Miradouro means sights. In reality, it is a “marine parade” a few meters above sea level.

The need for privacy made us move to another part of the town. Even though sometimes I regret leaving our first house, it was a choice made too long ago to be discussed now.

All this because I woke up today feeling that if we live in a town by the sea we are all situated in parallel or perpendicular to it. In the first house I was parallel, and now I live in a perpendicular street leading to the sea.

“Is there a difference?” you may ask. Well, I really don’t know. When I lived at Miradouro the sea was so present that sometimes I simply forgot it was there. Today our street runs towards the sea, as if an arrow. It can be more appealing to see just an inch of the blue at the far end of our street. It is like an invitation to go there, sometimes an invitation very difficult to resist.