Another Kiss

The group of divers has been in Durban and as far as I know they are rather happy with the work going down there. Ti has returned to his base, where he is busy for sure. Jo is in Durban for good and NB, in the absence of JP, is now supervising the local jobs. JP announced that he is going to the USA by the end of the month, yet before he will visit again. Seabell will get another tender goodbye kiss and I suppose he has other interests to come back just for two days. Who knows?

We really live in a party town! Mozambicans are serious party people, but Andy and friends are the worst of them all! As last weekend was Ro birthday party, Andy said bye to us and returned four days later. When asked, he just explained: ‘We have been partying!’ The party was so nice that this weekend they decided to repeat the dose. As today he is traveling to Durban, I can state here that I haven’t seen a lot of Andy lately.

Saturday was a busy day for me, working during most of the afternoon. In order to have a little of fun, I went to an exhibition at the Franco-Mozambican Cultural Centre, where the lady photographer shown is Namibian Helga Kohl on the theme the ghost town of Kohmanskop, once a busy diamond area now invaded by desert sands.