Yesterday we had our Sunday lunch at Costa do Sol. We go there at least once a month and, as far as I can see, it was a first of October. It was windy as usual but don’t get me wrong. With temperatures up to 40ªC, wind is more like a blessing than a curse.

This time we had lunch outside, on the restaurant balcony, from where it was possible to see Xefina island, until now a place ignored and forgotten. Soon, the closest island to Maputo will finally deserve the attention of investors who are bold enough to build an hotel and a sport complex. The main objective of the project is supplying another option for the huge crowds supposed to visit the region during World Cup 2010.

Next to our table was a couple with children, coming from Europe. The kids were enjoying so much the wonderful prawns and clams Emmanuel prepares for his guests that brought memories of similar meals with my parents and later with my own children. It was almost like playing in front of me a scene showing the pleasure of sharing tasteful food and moments of happy closeness.