Best of October

Sometimes the best in a row of thirty days is selected due to a series of simple events. There was no party and no travel in that day, but I shall not forget it for sure. Ti was in Mozambique, what usually makes me feel a lot better. He and girlfriend had lunch with us and I convinced him to have dinner with girlfriend and her colleague arrived from Switzerland.

Paul and I had finished the usual routines, when, around midnight, I organized a special space to be comfortable listening to Astor Piazzolla. I was about to start my private “music party” when Andy and Ti arrived. They didn’t stay for long. Ti stayed long enough to see “Seabell’s nest” and I think that he, as a music lover, was a little jealous. Ti had a DJ gig and Andy decided to keep him company. Music is a good way of evasion, particularly if you have a little imagination and can see yourself “dancing tango and enjoying a glass of wine next to someone you truly love”.

Since I wouldn’t mind to do the same everyday, it seemed like ages but recently I was surprised because it just happened Friday 13, a really magical day. I repeated this music night on the 20th (Navega of Myra Andrade was a good option), and it was even nicer.

Right now what I like the most is to know how good is to have the possibility of enjoying such unforgettable moments, even if it is Tuesday, in the middle of the week, a little late and the musical option not the best (April March), or the last Sunday of the month, when I was planning to spend the night working and instead I had the opportunity of relaxing at the sound of Jose González. Good feeling music is not easy to find, but who cares when the main ingredient is there!

As for TV nights, I just watched two movies in the first week of October, and a bit of this and that along the rest of the month. I also have to mention my sister birthday and our new found togetherness!