Strange Dreams (II)

Sometimes I am afraid of dreams for what they can represent in reality. I had recently one of those dreams bringing to my memory the fate of three friends who committed suicide in different phases of my life.

I had no idea why I had to remember them or associate the dream with them but one day after dreaming, during the last weekend, something terrible happened in Bazaruto, the largest island of the archipelago with the same name. Bazaruto is a natural reserve under the WWF protection. The area is one of the great breeding sanctuaries of marine species, specially for endangered ones like the dugong and the sea turtle.

The role of the WWF has been a key one, and it is also remarkable the work of independent Durban based conservationist Paul Dutton of Endangered Wildlife Trust.

Despite WWF and the local authorities efforts to stop pirate-fishing boats, they are always raiding the islands. They use powerful sonar signals to locate big fishing banks instantly swallowed by their hungry fishing nets. The nets also destroy the existing coral reefs, a true nest for resident fish breeding, the most important process in terms of food chain because those are the fishes that feed the big pelagic species with commercial value.

This time the scientists were adamant: “This is the work of fishing boats or of military submarines, those using powerful underwater signals!”

They were referring to a recent calamity in Mozambican waters: during the last weekend the pristine sands of Bazaruto were stained by the suicide of 41 dolphins. This was the worst “dolphin suicide” reported so far.

Top dolphin collective suicide cases:

Mozambique – 41 dolphins
Australia – 26 dolphins
New Zeeland – 10 dolphins

According to scientists, the signals throw the dolphins out of course and provoke in these mammals such unbearable pain that the group affected opts for suicide.

I was right to have afraid and to feel like crying during my dream. Someone has to do something about this. Stop it now!

Photos by T. Veloso.


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