Pleasant Tasks

Yesterday I was reading a blog about bad weather and cold in Europe. That same day I was on the phone with Ti’s girlfriend and after a short while we concluded we have been doing almost the same: preparing for summer! 🙂

I started by the swimming suits. First I had to wash and dry them, then I had to try each one to see if they still fitted. Finally I matched each with a sarong, keeping the set together and prepared for the occasion. To complete this pleasant task, I still have to go shopping for havaianas, or similar, with nice colours to go with everything.

Swimming suits are great for afternoon walks on the beach or for diving. I know “winter girls” have a lot of other stuff, for instance jeans. Down here we have bikinis, swimming suits, sarongs, fresh T-shits, shorts and wrapping skirts. I do sound frivolous talking about this, still I can’t wait for the moment I start to put together 15 bikinis and 10 sarongs plus wrapping skits, waiting for sun and fun version 2006/7!