South Wind

Yesterday it was a stormy Sunday, without sun and with a strong south wind, or sulada as we call it here. It is not frequent to have sulada all day long. Usually it only happens during the afternoon but this time it seems to have arrived to stay.

Due to the weather conditions, the best we could do was to indulge ourselves eating things that we like from the tropical buffet offered by restaurant Baía, one of the best in town according to our previous visits.

I can’t say that my Sunday was great, but at least I had my favorite food (stuffed crab), a choice of desserts and a gift to cheer me up. Once I had a few things to do and lots of dancing to shake any extra calories out, I didn’t care about the extra food.

Outside the view was completely different from the brightness and color we are used to, but even the shadows of a stormy day can have beauty to the eyes wanting to see it.