Horses and Dolphins

She was six years old when she became my best friend. She liked the fact that I was always smiling and doing crazy things. She used to sit next to me while I worked. Sometimes she was doing her funny drawings, others she was cross-examining me about things. She was a curious lady by then. Today she is an adolescent too shy to ask about everything the way she used to.

At some point her father bought six good breeding horses to be sent to a north property they own. The horses stayed very long here and my little friend got attached to them. In order to send the horses to their destiny, father promised her the pony that meanwhile was born.

Unfortunately, once in the north the horses started to die one by one. I am not sure about the causes but there are suspicions of snakes or malaria. My little horse lover used to bring me the news with great sadness and a worry she couldn’t put into words. Still it was there. The pony was with the mare and it was supposed to be back to her as promised. Could he live long enough?

The day the pony died I never saw so many tears and so great sadness in her face. From that day on she sat by my side with good manners and drew colorful horses doing a dozen of things in heaven. It was then that I decided it was time to transfer her attention and affection.

The substitution planned was horses for dolphins. It had to result. Dolphin by dolphin, her heart started to heal. As I promised, one day I took her to visit Durban Sea World. We sat still, waiting to see the dolphins. She was a little distracted and not sure of what I intended to show her. The moment the first dolphin jumped in the air, a truly electrical current crossed her body. She was hooked on dolphins for the next years.

Another “dolphin thing” I have done for her was a puzzle with five thousand pieces, a difficult one due to be all in very similar shades of blue. Though I was supposed to offer it by Christmas, I was only able to finish it much later.