Yoga Class

I had no idea what teaching and learning yoga would be like despite knowing a few positions. For this reason I gladly accepted the invitation of a friend to attend a yoga class.

I was presented to the yoga teacher, a man of calm manners and soft voice. We were a total of six inside a big room but we could barely see each other due to the soft light designed to help relaxation.

The room had only mattresses on the floor. We picked a place and prepared ourselves for the class. My friend was on my left, the teacher or yogi was on my right. A young couple was also on my right, after the teacher. In front of me was a lady already doing some postures (asanas) when we arrived.

Finally, the teacher started the lesson. He was patiently explaining everything because at least two of us were beginners. After a short while I concluded that yoga is not for me. I like to shake when I exercise. Still, I recognize that some of the moves are great.

I looked at the couple on the corner and saw with surprise that she was experienced. And I knew that she was a first timer in this class, just like me. On the contrary, he wasn’t good at it.

At the end of the series of exercises, the teacher went to a place far from us and turned the light off. We were left in the most complete darkness for the final relaxation. With an enchanting voice he named parts of our body while we relaxed, focusing only on the parts he mentioned. After he said the word “brain”, it was complete stillness. We were left to deal with our thoughts and body, in the silence and darkness of the room.

I liked to feel the relaxation of my hands, they were completely abandoned, and after a while I started to feel cold in the extreme parts of my body. I think that even if I wanted I couldn’t move a single finger. It was really good but half time of what was supposed to be the relaxing period we started to hear deep sighs of sheer delight coming from the corner where the couple was: Hum! Ha! Hah! Hum! Wow!

I don’t know what kind of idea we all had but the noise she was doing was making the relaxation very difficult. In the end she tried to explain why she couldn’t control herself, aware that her sighs were a little over the top: “Do you know for how long my body needed this? I was doing yoga almost everyday and now I am living in the rural area of Mozambique!”

It wasn’t only for me, a newcomer, that this class was funny. Even students with twenty years of yoga showed surprise with the uncontrollable satisfaction of that yoga lover.

I have to rethink about yoga because it made me feel good, sleep well and wake up sooner and fresher than usual.