Happy Town

Yesterday I was passing near my TV when I heard a courageous remark from a young Mozambican guy. He was making a point about the negative impact of poor public illumination on people coming from abroad. He gave his own example of how shocked he was when he arrived from Brazil.

I totally agree with his point of view and I think it’s not necessary to spend a lot to transform such a beautiful place like Maputo in a happy town, warmly welcoming us, making us feel good and joyful to be here.

Initiatives of transforming this town in a happy place are few but one of them is happening right now in front of Clube Naval, where painter Naguib is conceiving a 300 meters mural in homage to late president of Mozambique Samora Machel.

I talked with the Art students materializing Naguib’s vision. Naguib himself, black scarf around his head, was sketching and coordinating the young students. They are using mosaic and marble to create the colorful composition that is supposed to be ready in a month or so.