It seems some people dream about swimming side by side with dolphins. A couple of selected ones will one day have the privilege of doing it in the nature. For the majority, there is the opportunity of realizing this special dream in a pool with safety and all the information and assistance required to make it come true.

When her family owned a summer house in Spain, M had some contacts with dolphins and she really wanted to go further. One day she went with her boyfriend and his mum to the Algarve Zoo Marine, not far from the place were they stayed on holidays. They loved the show conducted by two trainers and performed by 6 or 8 enthusiastic dolphins. Emotions, as usual, ran high.

But M had something else to do besides the show. She had an hour of preparation to interact with dolphins trained to have contacts with humans inside a special pool. Sometimes it’s difficult to have this chance owing to a list that can go up to three months of waiting and you pay 150 EUR or even more.

During the preparation hour, the swimmer is informed of various aspects related with ocean life and the wonderful dolphins. Is it worthwhile? Well, you just have to look at M’s face and see how delighted she is!