We call marinheiros to the staff working at the marina. They do most of the necessary jobs to maintain the place organized, especially the rented boxes. When a boat arrives, they are responsible for the manouvre to take it out of the water.

After that, they help to clean the boat and all the material with running water. One of their favorite jobs must be helping to empty the hold when it is full of fish, because they know that some will end up in a nice stew at their own tables.

From all the marinheiros helping us with our boat, our favorite so far is Miguel, a smiling guy who has the unusual ability of speaking two languages currently: German and Portuguese. He learned the first when he was working as a butcher in former East Germany. And he is quite good at it. Though we lost all contacts with Miguel when we moved from club Marítimo to Naval, he still must be there smiling and showing off how well he speaks German.