Details of a Journey

Tuesday was like a picture in two colors. Our trip was all grey: the asphalt, the trout place, the sky… Although the mood of the travellers was good, the weather seemed to affect it in a certain degree.

The arrival was all lilac, once we are always greeted by the breathtaking sight of the jacarandas on Ti’s street. I have the heart of a traveller and because of that I pack bits and pieces spread all over, I rush them into a suitcase and reinvent myself each opportunity I have to go away.

The first significant words that I saw when I entered the place where I am right now were on a billboard: “There are none so blind as those who do not see.” This message left me also a little grey but I recognize that I have to see a couple of things about myself.

My good mood returned after discovering the boys watching a romantic movie (A Lot Like Love) in one of the three apartments they rent on the same building. After the necessary talk (the premier of a new project called Neighbours included) and a traditional Italian dinner, we concluded our journey.