Latest Photos

Before leaving on duty for Durban and later to USA, JP had the opportunity to go fishing with our German friends. They use to visit some banks and reefs on the north shore of Maputo Bay.

If the weather is fine they also venture to the south, where Inhaca Island and Santa Maria channel are situated. Some of the latest pictures from those fishing trips show that big game still exists and not that far from Maputo, moments JP is missing for sure where he is right now.

Our semi-rigid boat Gemini Navegador, built in Durban-SA, has proved to be a reliable partner. This type of boat is very good for diving and other water sports, or just for a boat trip with family and friends. The boat can load up to 12 people, but the best performance is achieved with a crew of three or four, with a 100HP engine. Even though we faced various situations of bad weather, we always arrived safe at our destination.