Highs and Lows

Wednesday started with a breakfast that is also becoming a Rosebank tradition. After a little shopping, salad lunch and rest at the “apart” for the majority of the group, a couple of us watched “Lost in La Mancha” (about filmmaker Terry Gilliam’s failure to complete “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote”) and met friend and adviser Colleen at the Rosebank Hotel.

We had to go to the internet café because Vi, the one with internet, is doing exams. After returning to the base, we decided to finish the day with a light dinner and a wicked movie. The high point of Wednesday was receiving an iPod as a gift. A few hours later, while watching that hilarious movie, I would lose a ring twice the cost of an iPod. Further plans are on hold due to Ti’s five unexpected gigs in Durban.

Thurday was good. I went to Sandton, where I swapped breakfast and shopping for some computer time. After that I took someone’s “suggestion” literally and went to a restaurant called Tsunami, where some wine and a gift made my afternoon. After returning to Ti’s place, we talked and danced while he was preparing to leave to Durban.

Just arrived from the airport, where we left the last of the group of performers, we went to Vi’s apartment with internet on our minds. Instead, we found ourselves in the middle of a nice chat with Vi and friends. I believe today will be peaceful. Perhaps the only exciting thing will be a movie. For Saturday we expect another bath of grey: asphalt, trout and sky