Morning Swim

Because of Ti, we are now a little into night swimming. He put us into it. Even in the coldest winter day, even if he works late like 2am, he drives to a place in the big city where he lives and swims before going to bed. Some people endure strange routines.

We have been swimming at night lately but this week we tried the early morning swim and we liked it. Arriving at the first hours of the day give us the friendly sun, the silence and the space for ourselves. After half an hour or so, teen swimming fanatics start to arrive and occupy different lanes. The second wave of early hours “swimmingpoolers” happens when mums and their toddlers show up and look for the shadows around the beginners pool.

With the skin kissed by the morning sun and the lungs a little nettled by the strong smell of the low tide, we leave the swimming pool convinced that early hours swimming is as good as the night version.