Night Swim

The water of the swimming pool reflects the diffuse lights of the bay and I like that. I also like the salt water and smaller percentage of treatment. Although, it’s slightly cold and I have to be brave to dive into it. Sometimes, like today, there is already someone already inside telling: “Jump in! It’s only the first impression!” I’ve seen the lady occupying the first lane before and from now on I know that besides a great swimmer she speaks English.

I’m a calm, playful swimmer. I don’t ask a lot from myself. My aim is relaxing and enjoying and so far so good. At first I am sharing the lane with someone but I have to change for one of my own because when we share something we must know with whom we are sharing.

From a place not far is coming the sound of jazz, perfect for the occasion. I cross the pool one, two, the number that I can and feel like. I stop and float on the surface, facing the sky. I look at my right: nobody. I look at my left: a lady I’ve never seen, my former lane companion and the English lady. They seemed very focused on the swim. I guess they must be in their twenties swimming pools or more.

I stay very still and look at the sky. It is cloudy because there are only a couple of visible stars, though precisely above my head I can see the moon. From my position it has a D shape, and I play with D words like: depress-delight; depend-depart; despair-desire; droop-dream; die-dwell; dominate-dance; desolate-dare…

I am the first to leave the swimming pool. I have to reach for a towel because outside it’s cold and windy. Swimming at night gives us a special liberating feeling. Wrapped on a towel, I look at the three fierce swimmers still in the water as I wonder if any of them stopped to look at the sky.