Golden Blue (II)

Egyptian God
Our dog Thoth has the name of an Egyptian God. How could we have guessed, when we decided to take him to Ponta do Ouro, that we would become very popular due to the “little black thing”?

We found the place where we stayed literally crowded with South Africans. The manager told us: “This is nothing… Wait a week and you’ll see!”

Our dog is a sucker for attention and pampering. The “little thing” learned a special way of showing that he is in the mood for cuddling. It is a funny position, very Egyptian indeed!

Even though Thoth is well trained, to control him we had the help of Paulo, a young Mozambican student who works during holidays to help his mother.

The first one to approach me because of Thoth was an 8 years old South African boy. He commented in a very polite way: “You a have a nice shinny dog!” From that moment on, our little version of a dog, with such a big name, stole the show.

Tuesday of Beach
Shortly after arriving at Ponta do Ouro, we run to the beach. Seabell aspiration was at least swimming, yet our bodies were very hot due to the car travel and during the afternoon a strong southeast wind was already in full swing.

Seabell and Thoth ventured half baths, while Paul was glad to watch. But we walked miles through the spectacular wind battered beach and reefs. We finished the day with a stroll to the main hotel for a hot drink and plans for the next day. The small town was already sleeping at 9pm! Active people do sleep early!

Program for Wednesday:
beach for swimming and snorkeling;
back to the bungalow for lunch;
beach for sun and walking;
dinner at restaurant and walk on the beach, if the wind is gone.

Wednesday of Fun
The program for Wednesday was fully achieved. With a couple of changes, we plan almost the same for Thursday because of Seabell’s limitation due to her hurt muscle. For instance, when Seabell started snorkeling there were people around doing the same but suddenly she realized she was alone and got a little scared. It was a foolish thing to stay alone in the water and she requested Paul’s company for next day encounters with little and medium sized fish.

We prepared lunch and ate it with appetite. Paul’s contribution: salad with lettuce, beans, tomato, green beans, red onions and boiled eggs. This colorful salad was followed by Seabell’s oregano chicken and linguini, served with mushroom brie and red wine.

Even though we couldn’t believe our dinner would be better, we found a new fish restaurant where we had the most pleasant meal. The restaurant is installed on a terrace, it has a nice cozy feeling and is very well kept under the watchful eyes of his South African owner.

Despite our decision to walk after dinner, we had to resume it to fifteen minutes, with Thoth running like crazy around us. The sky was clean and showed the most amazing display of stars, still the southeast wind was stronger than the previous night. At that moment we didn’t know that things would get even worse.