A new year means different projects and challenges. I don’t know why but I have this feeling that 2007 will bring a couple of exciting surprises with it.


When the very first days of 2007 were rolling in, I went back to a musical project of mine changing a little its focus. During the second half of 2006 I developed a particular interest in Johannes Brahms. He was a genius and a special character but in my opinion he lacked romantic appeal. From the biography I’ve been reading, he seems tormented by some decision taken at a certain stage of his life.


At the beginning of a new year I moved to another great classical composer: Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky. His biography is interesting and reveals a complicated personality. As an example, I leave here how he explained to contemporary critics the “excessive use of trumpets” on Symphony no 4: trumpets represent the voice of destiny, a sword over our heads, an endless spiritual torture.


As our despair grows stronger, we try to escape reality by diving into the illusion of dreams. Little by little, dreams take charge of our soul and that’s when happiness appears. But no! Happiness is just a mirage and we are back to the awakening call of destiny. Fascinating explanation of Opus 36, especially if we read it while listening to Symphony no 4.