Coral Reefs



MJ is someone I know truly deserving to be called Sea-girl. When I first met her she was just a gentle little girl. She is grown up now, and I am glad that she remains the same gentle girl she was then.


At some point she had to make a decision about what she would like to do with her life and she decided to study the sea. After some years of theoretical and practical studies, she became a specialist on coral reefs.


She appears on Coral Reef Adventure as a young specialist learning the secrets of the sea side by side with Jean-Michel Cousteau. The documentary is not only beautiful and entertaining but also an opportunity to watch MJ at work. MJ is here now but soon she will leave for her final tasks as a student. This last “adventure” will take her to the Philippines and Australia, and after that she will be back to tell us all about the health of our coral reefs.