First Impressions



There are things I’ve learned when I was collaborating in a weekly restaurant review for a newspaper: 1) Do not eat or drink too much or you will become fat. 2) Never express an opinion based on first impressions.


I was reminded of that yesterday, at Retiro da Catembe. Not long ago I wrote praising words about the place owned by a Mozambican guy called Artur. Some of the positive impressions are still there: the place has some charm and the prawns are really good but I don’t have any other compliment to add.


What surprises me the most in a place conceived to Mozambican clientele is the service. Because it is supposed to be offered to Mozambicans, it always looks like it doesn’t have to be good. That’s a wrong conception and I truly hope Mozambicans learn that good service (either to Mozambicans or foreigners) is like a stamp that shows the capacity of a country as a touristic destination.