People From The Sea – Holidays



The day I decided my castle would be a kitchen I lost a battle. That day I called some local constructor and told him about my dream kitchen. When the dream became a reality, I had a completely different kitchen from the dreamed one but I had to “understand the market limitations”.


When I planned a kitchen my main idea was to have two instead of one. The reason of this extravaganza: we have someone cooking for us and the only way to call a kitchen mine was the two kitchens concept. At least I got that and a couple of other amenities of modern kitchens like TV, music and a corner to read.


But the intention of calling a kitchen mine was short lived. Today it is difficult to have a quit moment in the place that I once thought to be my castle. There’s always someone eating something or expecting to eat something… And there is still the lady cook doing one of her important routines just to keep me away.


She is cooking for us for five years now. Before her aunt cooked for almost ten years and before her we had Juliet, the one that run down the street shouting for a fish robbed from our backyard. Before the ladies’ help we had 3 or 4 men in the kitchen until we discovered their deep interest in bottles.


My cook’s real name could as well be Graciete, Ana or Maria, because since a soap adaptation of a Jorge Amado’s novel, very popular here, she changed it to Tieta. She is quiet and relatively young with her 32 years old. As the majority of people cooking at private homes, she is not very skilled but she can manage a few tricks, especially when well coached.


A month ago she seemed a little troubled and I asked her why. “Do you think that I look like a grandmother?” she asked in distress. “For sure no!” I replied. “Well, I am going to be a grandmother soon!” What is happening with her is a local pattern: she had a child in her sixteens and now that child is pregnant at the same age.


The question about Tieta is that she has been on holidays since two weeks now. I am enjoying a lot not having her around and I am not the only one. When Andy knew about her absence, he just commented: “Good! For a while we shall eat something different!”


I am glad because at least for a fortnight I have my kitchen back and I can remember my cooking skills and entertain family and friends, without feeling intimidated, and still take care of two small Rottweilers and my own dog Thoth. The best of all is that Paul and Andy decided to help me and are also cooking from time to time with amazing results.


After experiencing all this, and despite the fact that I really like her daily help and her quiet personality, I’ve been wondering if Tieta is enjoying holidays away from us or if we are enjoying holidays away from Tieta.