Walking Thoth



Even though half of our attention is now directed towards the Rottweilers puppies, they are only staying temporarily with us and Thoth comes always first.


One of our jobs should be daily exercise but walking Thoth is not an easy task since our dog doesn’t walk… He only knows how to run and lie down. Thoth is very instable: one day his behavior is irreproachable, the next day it’s the opposite. Our Staffie dog seems to like the walks with Ti because of his long legs. While Ti walks, Thoth runs!


One of our books on dogs presents as aspects for a successful walk training:

long lead;   (no)

self-control;   (no)

firm commands;   (no)

slow introduction of collar and lead;   (no)

starting at six months old;  (near)

practicing over short distances;   (no)

never pull and jerk at the start, just praise him.  (more or less)


No wonder our troubles in walking the now not so “little black thing”!


Another aspect I’ve observed is the difficulties we always face when we want to take a decent picture of him. The black dog is irresistibly cute, yet, in photos looks strange. But when I was looking at photos of our previous champion Thor, at the same age he looked like that before becoming this. I don’t think Thoth will ever be the same size, though I really hope he will become more photogenic with age.


Ti was enjoying short holidays and before leaving he told us that sooner or later we would have problems with Thoth’s agressive attitude. Ti had often to use drastic mesures to calm him down. Sometimes playing with Thoth is almost like risking one’s life, especially if you are a man. Despite being young and short, he arrived well trained in terms of defense and attack. He really knows how to make a man suffer!