Sunsets (IV)


I’ve been walking lately because that is the best exercise I can do when I feel like a robot. Besides walking, sometimes I sit on a bench at Miradouro and stay there, very still, just enjoying the sights.


Surrounded by grey shadows of land, the monochromatic dark blue oil painting of the bay lies down. To the left is Costa do Sol and Xefina, in front Ilha dos Portugueses and Inhaca and to the right Santa Maria and Catembe. The sunset is precisely above Catembe where everyday we can see a different spectacular show.


This has been a particular difficult summer. A week ago I peremptory announced that I don’t want to repeat a single January in Maputo because even surviving thanks to air conditioner we feel like melting. Now that JP is with us, we have daily weather and fact reports such as: “Did you know that this was the hottest January since 1976?” No, we didn’t but somehow we are not surprised. A walk on the Miradouro at the end of the day is one of the few ways of getting some natural breeze.


It was wise building Miradouro where it is and the way it is. It could be houses and only a few would enjoy the sigh. It could be a fortress, only for defense. Fortunately it is a veranda over the bay, accessible to everyone. People go there to walk, to seat alone or with a friend.


Two days ago I stumbled on an almost faded metal inscription with a date: 1928. Miradouro is much more ancient than I thought and I really admire the vision of the people who conceived it. Since then there were a few attempts of conservation but what we can see most of the time is destruction and lack of care. Even though it’s not a surprise, I feel sad each time I have to witness negligence in a public place people seem to enjoy so much.