Maca… net



This Friday a revolution happened at Seabell’s home. At the end of a battle conducted by a technician, we went wireless. It’s not a perfect system (JP spends time comparing speed performance in the USA with our limitations), still far better than before!


After a whole day in the net, we decided the best we could do was spending the next day in Macanet(a), probably at Jays. It was all set, yet, suddenly, Paul remembered our red grouper lunch and that was enough to change everything. Thanks to my insistence he promised to go after lunch. “We stay not only for the grouper. It’s too hot most of the morning!”


Well, the result of this impasse was: Macaneta-0, Grouper-1. As consolation prize we went to Costa do Sol and spent a good afternoon, especially due to the divers’ good sense of humor. Before sunset we decided to give an hour of attention to Thoth, our black dog, and we went running and walking with him. We are very proud because in a month he gained 3kg, mostly in muscles, and after walking with Ti and JP he seems to be almost ready for long walks.