God’s Window (II)



The Unexpected
When you have been for six times in a place, you can presume that you have seen it all. I am talking of God’s Window, a panoramic view above the clouds in the middle of a breathtaking scenery.


Like the concept that if you want to go to paradise you have to suffer first, to get the best view you have to climb a torture of stairs. Not this time do! It was so foggy that we didn’t climb and God decided to do the same and stay on the first floor. I already knew the view by heart but I had never experienced how fantastic it is to have the clouds at the reach of my hand, and, above all, the effect of the south wind against and around the canyon. If this is not God’s voice, it fooled me. If you have been there, keep going because one day you will live this out of the world sensation.


A Letter
I am not the kind of person to follow traditions. I prefer to create a new one from time to time. During the morning, even before knowing that God would be so accessible, I reasoned out: “If I’m going back to a place with the name of God’s Window, why not write a message to Him? It is true that I never saw people doing such thing but why not, indeed?”


I wrote just a few words because I know that busy people don’t have time to waste. I closed it very well and once there I threw it without hesitation. The moment I heard for the first time that goosy sound, I knew that I would get what I want.


My message says: “Please, at least five!” I don’t mind to write it here because, as things are, I wouldn’t be surprised if God also reads blogs. It is evident that I won’t tell you if I am asking for five millions or five minutes of happiness, but the truth is that after God’s Window everything changed for the best in my life. Besides other positive developments, something that I have been waiting for too long happened.


Before leaving we had breakfast in a dinning room full of history and light. Besides our table (blue walking shorts kind of people), there were other two tables occupied (one by khaki walking shorts people and the other by checkered walking shorts people).


When we entered, khaki walking shorts were engaged in an animated (public) conversation with checkered walking shorts sitting eight tables away. Khakis were complaining of the same old same while checkered ranted about how expensive life is in England and how difficult is to drive a car from or to London. Suddenly, I supposed to have heard the checkered talk about a corrupt government. Was I lost or what? Corrupt governments are khakis domain! I must have misunderstood or miss parts of this “breakfast open debate”.


I left Graskop unaware of God’s mail service effectiveness, yet, almost an hour later I recognized signs of it. My luggage wasn’t a lot heavier from what was at the arrival, except for two fantastic ornaments, one in bone and the other in ambar. I left the place the same. Happiness would happen an hour and half later and double less than an hour after that.