My weekend was mostly running-walking-running-walking. Seabell and her shinny dog Thoth are starting to be cardio fit. Seabell does 6km and Thoth is getting there. Walking in a beautiful place with a descent to the sea is pleasant and offers each day different perspectives.


I wish I could tell you that my weekend was all walking and running! Unfortunately, one of us had this urgent clam appetite and because of it we had to face a real adventure. It all started with an amazing crowd at Costa do Sol. It took us hours to get there, so we had ample opportunity to witness the major concentration of beer drinkers in the world. I have seen people go to the beach for various reasons, here there is only one: curtir. In order to curtir (enjoy) people of all ages have to drink a lot of beer. It is a huge crowd drinking almost in the middle of the street, without a single inhibition.


Finally arrived at the restaurant, we order the clams. Halfway our snack of clams and prawns, we start to worry about driving back home because it is already dark and the road is full of drunken people. Meanwhile, resigned owner Emmanuele inform us that sometimes it is even worse and can go on and on until daylight. Hearing this, Seabell suggests pouring rain as a possible solution to open a way out for us.


But rain is not happening and we have to opt for a secondary way to return using a dirt road that crosses a farm area around Maputo called Mahotas. The road is closed in the middle for works, and again we have to use a provisory via in the middle of a quarry and other strange places that with the settled night we cannot see. It was an unexpected form to end a very hot summer day. The rain started to fall moments after we crossed our house entrance door.