Working Birthday




After a pleasant dinner with seven sea-wolves, Seabell slept almost like an angel. When she opened her eyes, JP was already riding the waves a long time ago. Because of that she went for self-service breakfast alone. When she was undecided about pineapple or passion fruit juice, a guest from another table approached and complained about a rough night with temperature and mosquitoes. When we stay in a place with such small number of guests, we end up talking familiarly with each other.


JP came out of nowhere when I was in the middle of my breakfast. I was so eager to have a “move on” conversation with him that only later I remembered to give him a “happy kiss”. Anyway, both happened and that’s the main issue. Maybe as a reward of my care, the gentle receptionist informed me that guests could have assess to a very slow internet with no charge at all.



Sleeping by the pool is one of JP’s favorite activities in the middle of the day, so why not? No insects this time, just a green towel big fight between sleepy JP and a couple of noisy crows.


The afternoon went almost the same. I wasn’t aware of any of the usual programmed activities perhaps due to the reduced number of guests, most of them more in working than holidaying status.


The afternoon walk on the beach was interesting. The moment I stepped outside, I had my faithful companion waiting. She greeted me with joy as we headed to the beach where I found the nice receptionist helping awkward José with the entangled fishing line. “Are you going to get our dinner or what?” I asked in a good mood. “I don’t know! José, are we going to get a fish for dinner?” she played along.


This time I was decided to enjoy the sunset in a quiet spot of the beach, what I partially could. The question was another dog around and all the conversations taking place between them before an agreement was reached. I called them Sandy and Zorro. Sandy was tolerant with Zorro’s presence but not near me. I was her business. I also had fun with the beach crabs but I shall write soon about that unique experience.


After sunset I made the way back to the beach bar where I found the receptionist and a very beach like hotel manager complaining about the fish they had already lost. I left a “little worried”! Could our dinner be at stake?



JP is starting to have a sense of adulthood but it’s still an adulthood he brags about. He complained a million times of life because it’s his second birthday working, once last year he was in Madagascar saving some forgotten beach from being stained by fuel.


He had his party. At least an essential party with candle lights, grilled prawns, a table set under the stars, a cake and the hotel personnel singing in choir. JP started his birthday party that night and since then the party is still going on. He had a working party, an all boys reunion, and today it’s girls!