In Seven Days



Days come and go and so little seems to be worth mentioning. Then, you suddenly notice major changes under way. In seven days a lot may happen. I am concretely talking of my seven divers. Not long ago I wrote in this space that nothing was going on and I had to look for other interests.


Well, lets see what in fact is going on in the lives of my seven sea warriors. Paul and Andy are with me, busy with their own projects. Ti is a little stressed because it’s studio time for him, what can be a sign of a new album. In two weeks time he is supposed to be in Paris for a couple of gigs.


JP is leaving soon to Durban and from there he is going back to the oil platforms. Despite our disapproval, he is cherishing the idea of going to Marseille for a saturation diver course.


Vic is far the best diving storyteller. I was so relieved when I realized he is still in conditions of diving in apnea! I saw him at JP’s party and he seemed quite confident.


At the moment Jo is in Durban but he must be here soon for the great event. The big news is that NB is getting married in ten days time! After a week in Bazaruto, NB, bride and Jo are heading to Cape Town to attend a platform firefighting course. JP and AM are helping with the arrangements in NB’s new apartment. For now the main attraction is the party they are preparing to celebrate his last days as a bachelor.



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  1. And the girl is heading out to Sweden in 4 days… She’ll try to skype tomorrow.

    Could you email me what days Ti will be in Paris and where exactly? Also is is JP going to Marseille in France? When?!?

    Good night!

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