Our dog Thoth is really special. At first I was always comparing his size and looks with previous dogs of this house. I regretted, and I still regret, he was given to us a little too late to modify a lot about him. However, he is growing beautifully and has qualities we cannot ignore.


Even though he is playful, we have to be careful because when he plays someone always ends up injured. He knows each one of us and how we behave, especially towards him.


To make him stop chewing everything we are giving him big bones, big enough to keep him busy for a couple of days. Before he had a predilection for squeaking toys, until we discovered he only liked them to swallow the noisy metal balls. It was really funny to see him carrying those toys at the corner of his mouth but the risk is too great. I don’t know how he expels the metal balls he has been swallowing. I just can imagine the surprise effect!