After Hollywood and Bollywood, why not Mallywood? It has logic. When the cinema decides to show the worst of Africa, it’s becoming frequent to pick Maputo.


What does Maputo has to offer? The perfect image of Africa: sickness, violence, destruction of infrastructures, unemployment, informality, miserable crowds, dirtiness… You name it, Maputo has it all.


In the last years we have seen three major productions filmed in Maputo: Ali, The Interpreter and now Blood Diamond. Having said that, I don’t have anything against the transformation of Maputo in the next Mecca of cinema if it is a win-win situation for both parts.


Maybe I should be concise about what I don’t like in general: 1) Western civilization brought a way of life to Africa and now seems unhappy with the results. 2) Movies or any other form of divulgation only showing one side of this beautiful continent. 3) Fatalism, like the TIA (This is Africa!) patent in Blood Diamond.


In what concerns the movie Blood Diamond, I can tell you my general impressions too. It has a plot more or less succeeded. It has good actors, very well coached. The question is that the actors’ direction and work are the only aspects standing out.


The problem with this movie is that who directed it doesn’t know Africa. He follows commonplaces. If the director was assisted, he was not lucky in his choice.


In “The Last Samurai”, Edward Zwick was able to show us a world of contrasts. The same kind of approach failed in Blood Diamond, or wasn’t even attempted.


I really feel the beauty of the filming language is stained by the plot itself, plus the so many commonplaces about the African continent.


I have received the following message for help:


We are collecting canned food and construction material for people in Vilankulos that have lost everything. Please contact us: Tara, in Maputo, 820721730; Marcia or Bron, in Tofo, 823915680 or 825617303; finally Hilda, in Inhambane, 823008320.


I personally talked with friends in Inhambane and they confirmed the situation is really serious. The scale of destruction and the number of people in need are frightening.